Questions and Answers
What is the Grinberg Method about?
The Grinberg Method is a way to learn about yourself in a unique way and to subsequently be able to change the situations you are not happy with.
Most of the learning happens by noticing and understanding your physical sensations.
In every session, you learn something new and you should endeavour to apply what you have learned in everyday life. E.g. You can practice letting go of your neck in stressful situations so you reduce the likelihood of getting headaches.
This could, at the same time, influence how you perceive your environment and how you react to it.
Becoming aware of those connections, leads to very different experiences for many clients. Most people believe they have a good sense of their physicality and often don't know how many sensations, how much clarity, power and intensity we all carry within us.
Many times, these resources are suppressed or blocked. It is possible to wake these qualities up and use them for more wellbeing and success.
What subjects can be addressed with this kind of approach?
We can work on purely physical symptoms, i.e. any kind of recurring pain or tension. And there is the possibility to address patterns and situations in your life that you would like to change through bodywork.
E.g. Your goal could be to fully stand up for your wishes in a relationship or feeling more at ease in presentations for customers. It should be something that you create in your own life. That's the basis for being able to change it yourself. You choose what you would like to work on.
How can we work with patterns that I would like to change?
Everything you do in life, you do with your body. This means that through your body you are expressing also your believes about yourself and others.
In sessions, we explore how the situation is connected to your tensions and moods and to be able to become aware of them, even intensify them, so you can fully let them go. As a result, the act of letting go can appear as a new choice also in daily life.
What subjects cannot be addressed with the Grinberg Method?
This Method is not suitable for dealing with or healing serious illnesses.
It is excellent to re-establish balance and wellbeing in the body. As this Method is a training in body attention, it is not suitable for people who regularly take drugs or medication that strongly affects the ability to sense the body.
If you are taking strong psychiatric drugs, strong pain killers or excessive amounts of alcohol or other drugs on a regular basis, the effectiveness of sessions will be reduced.
Why is it important to have regular sessions and how long does a process last?
As mentioned above, you will learn something new in every session and should apply what you've learned in everyday life. E.g. You can practice letting go of your neck in stressful situations so you reduce the likelihood of getting headaches.
It takes some time to reach a state of body attention to have a fully relaxed neck also in stressful situations. Depending on what you want to work on and how much progress we make, the duration of the process will vary.
Many people are enthusiastic after the first session because their symptom doesn't appear or is much less noticeable for several days or weeks after the session. If you want to get a handle on the issue in the long run, a structured learning process is needed so the results of your learning gets established for good.
Becoming more and more aware of your body and learning to have influence over automatic tensions is an ability you build over time. Every session is one step closer to your goal.
Some clients come for five sessions and are happy with the results. Others come once or twice a week for six months to a year and are very content with the progress they make.
The duration of your process depends on the complexity of your goal and the progress we make.
What is a foot analysis?
If you would like to work on something beyond a physical symptom, we will have an extensive foot analysis session at the beginning where we discuss all relevant aspects.
It is a 90-minute session that also includes bodywork. Using reflexology to read the signs on your feet helps get a more holistic picture of your situation than if we would just have a conversation. Your feet provide relevant and additional information for me as a practitioners.
In a foot analysis, we discuss and choose your goal for the process.
What happens in a Grinberg session?
At the beginning of a session, we briefly talk about the subject we are working on. In a short foot analysis, we can look at a few complementary aspects regarding the situation and I share what I perceive.
Then you will get a bodywork session. In most cases, you will lie down on a massage bed; in some cases it might be more suitable to work standing or sitting. Depending on what your body needs and where you have tensions, I will use different forms of touch.
This makes every session unique. At the end of the session, you have a brief resting period where you can integrate and digest what you have experienced.
What should I do or not do before a session?
It's ideal if you don't have a big meal 2-3 hours before the session or only eat something light.
The more stuffed your belly is, the more busy will your body be digesting and you will have less resources for other activities and attention training.